What Makes Green Select Phytosome Green Tea So Great?

Green Select Phytosome Green Tea uses a patented process that binds Green Tea to phosphatidylcholine from soy lecithin. The benefit that comes from binding Green Tea with a Phytosome is that it increases the absorption, bioavailability and the delivery of Green Tea. This increased absorption makes Green Select Phytosome Green Tea the most beneficial form of Green Tea.

What is So Great About Increasing the Absorption of Green Tea?

It’s not so much the absorption of Green Tea that people are after but rather the absorption of flavonoids that are found in the green tea. Only a very small amount of these flavonoids are absorbed when drinking green tea or by taking a green tea supplement. When Phytosome’s  are mixed with green tea there is a significant increase in the amount of flavonoids that are absorbed into the blood stream. This increase of flavonoids is extrememly beneficial to the circulitory system and to the body as a whole.  

What makes Flavonoids So Special?

Flavonoids are one of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered. Flavonoids provide excellent protection against free radical damage which is a major cause of cancer and natural aging. These free radicals damage the DNA of our cells as they continue to replicate there could the DNA is damaged so patchwork is done for the new cell to complete the code. Overtime after several replications of cells the DNA becomes more and more worn just like our bodies. Flavonoids act as defenders and repairers of DNA slowing the aging process, repairing cells and reducing the risk of cancer.  

Which Products Have The Highest Quality of Green Tea In Them?

All companies seem to claim that their product contains the best form and highest quality of Green Tea in them, but few products really do. Most companies try to keep their costs low by buying the cheapest form of ingredients. This helps increase profits for the compnay while at the same time having no problem claiming that they use high quality ingredients. In some cases chemical lab tests have verified that a large portion of supplement companies use filler ingredients to reduce costs while claiming they have much higher percentages of each ingredient.

How can you reduce the chance of buying a product that may not contain what it says it contains. First do your research to find where the company buys their product. Some companies have a stamps of approval to verify quality of product. Unfortunately some companies make up there own stamp of approval. Luckily for us there are places that rate products according to quality of product. Below we have a list of products that contain high quality Green Tea along with other high quality ingredients. Take a look at the products below and make your own decision on the product that best suits you.